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UPDATE: 2019-08-15 2:27PM PDT - Just wanted to give some warning, we're going to move forward with the migration to the better database. We'll be in maintenance mode while we move data, hang tight.

UPDATE: 2019-08-11 5:36PM PDT - A shooter's Facebook stream and Imgur was posted to our pol, in response we've taken our primary domain offline (xyz) as precaution

UPDATE: 2019-08-08 5:01PM PDT - Welcome 8ch refugees, we're working on fixing the 500 errors, please hang tight

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>>/bb/4395 К сожалению неповерхностные знания в области агротехники не делают из плохого человека хорошего. Среди гроуверов такое же количе
>>/yuri/4921 >>4920 How disappointing that me and the nigger are the ones with the most refined and cultured taste
>>/polru/3685 >>3677 Блэтский режим... Убьют его, не со дня на день, так с месяца на месяц. Сраная не заслужила хорошего преза. Я обожаю милы
>>/brit/368 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-49381944 ok who was it?
>>/kc/28715 >>28505 >>28511 >>28513 I'll protect you all with my carrot spam.
>>/yuri/4920 >>4919 I'm the only other person here who's seen that.
>>/bb/4394 >>4392 >>4393 Что за истерика? В стиле пук - пук ? Вы растите. И я ращу. Вы пишете. Мы пишем. Нам что здесь места мало ? Мы пише
>>/horror/3507 >2 days later >welp i accidently rebooted AGAIN during the migration. All files are broken. >migrations.opus >endchan redirects
>>/pone/4502 Saw this. >>>/4chon/783
>>/yuri/4919 >>4918 I guess I must've been so impressed then because I never played X1 or even had an interest in the gaymes before the relea
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